Wcf hosting

WCF Hosting :

  1. IIS hosting
  2. Self hosting
  3. Windows Activation Service
  4. Windows Service
In the Windows Service hosting
we need to add one installer in the host app follow the steps:
ServiceHost hostobj = new ServiceHost(typeof(WcfServiceWindowsService.Service1));

protected override void OnStart(string[] args)
if (hostobj!=null)

protected override void OnStop()
if (hostobj!=null)
hostobj = null;


create the installer code as follows :
public class ProjectInstaller : Installer
private ServiceProcessInstaller process;
private ServiceInstaller service;

public ProjectInstaller()
process = new ServiceProcessInstaller();
process.Account = ServiceAccount.LocalSystem;
service = new ServiceInstaller();
service.ServiceName = “WcfServiceWindowsService”;


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