Datatable in C#

Introduction DataTable is a central object in the ADO.NET library. If you are working with ADO.NET – accessing data from database, you can not escape from DataTable. Other objects that use DataTable are DataSet and DataView. In this tutorials, I will explain how to work with DataTable. I have tried to cover most of the frequently used activity… Read More Datatable in C#

Create CAPTCHA image using HttpHandler

CAPTCHA stands for “completely automated public Turing test to tell computers and humans apart.” What it means is, a program that can tell humans from machines using some type of generated test. A test most people can easily pass but a computer program cannot. Files : Index.aspx,Myimage.ashx Index.aspx <div> <asp:Image ID=”mycaptchaimg” runat=”server” ImageUrl=”~/MyCaptcha.ashx”/> <asp:TextBox id=”CodeNumberTextBox”… Read More Create CAPTCHA image using HttpHandler

Temp Table – SQL

Introduction SQL Server provides the concept of temporary table which helps the developer in a great way. These tables can be created at runtime and can do the all kinds of operations that one normal table can do. But, based on the table types, the scope is limited. These tables are created inside tempdb database.… Read More Temp Table – SQL