Difference Between Viewresult() and ActionResult()

ActionResult is an abstract class that can have several subtypes: a) ViewResult – Renders a specifed view to the response stream b) PartialViewResult – Renders a specifed partial view to the response stream c) EmptyResult – An empty response is returned d) RedirectResult – Performs an HTTP redirection to a specifed URL e) RedirectToRouteResult –… Read More Difference Between Viewresult() and ActionResult()

File upload in ASP.NET MVC

  File upload in ASP.NET MVC   Here is a sample for handling upload of a file, In your MVC application. In this sample i used the Dialog box of JQuery, where user will select the file and will click upload <asp:Content ID=”Content2″ ContentPlaceHolderID=”MainContent” runat=”server”>     <h2>Files uploaded to server</h2>     <div id=”dialog” title=”Upload files”>             <% using… Read More File upload in ASP.NET MVC