Sorting Foreign Key Values in Dynamic Data Web Site

Sorting Foreign Key Values in Dynamic Data Web Site


I wanted to sort the values in alphabetic order when choosing foreign key relationship in Insert/Edit Entity Mode.


And I have decided to sort the DropDownList control in ForeignKey_Edit.ascx file.

I added the following method:

#region SortDropDownList
/// <summary>
/// method to sort a DropDownList
/// </summary>
/// <param name="ddl">DropDownList to sort</param>
public void SortDropDownList(DropDownList ddl)
    //create a ListItem array the size of the items
    //in your DropDownList
    List<ListItem> sorted =new List<ListItem>();
    foreach (ListItem item in ddl.Items)
    sorted = sorted.OrderBy(a => a.Text).ToList();
    //remove all items from the DropDownList
    //add the sorted items to the DropDownList

And add the calling right after PopulateListControl method in the Page_Load event handler:

protected void Page_Load(object sender, EventArgs e)
        if (DropDownList1.Items.Count == 0)
            if (!Column.IsRequired)
                DropDownList1.Items.Add(new ListItem("[Not Set]", ""));
            //sorting DropDown by Text 

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