Semantic logging using azure

Add nuget package for Semantic logging

static void Main(string[] args)
{var listener = ConsoleLog.CreateListener() as ObservableEventListener ??

new ObservableEventListener();


//// Subscription with Windows Azure Table Service on Dev

// Subscription to Console Sink


//Trace Event
MyEventSource.Log.ApplicationStart(” Start console “, “user 1”);
var ordersProcessed = 0;
for (int i = 0; i < 10; i++)
Console.WriteLine(“Order no {0} is processed “, ordersProcessed);
MyEventSource.Log.ApplicationEnd(” Finished “, ordersProcessed);


class MyEventSource : EventSource
//create a static field instance that provides access to an instance of this class
private static readonly Lazy<MyEventSource> Instance
= new Lazy<MyEventSource>(() => new MyEventSource());

//create a static property called Log that returns the current value
//of the Instance field of the event source. This value is

private MyEventSource() { }

public static MyEventSource Log
get { return Instance.Value; }

[Event(100, Message = “Application Started..”)]
public void ApplicationStart(string startMessage, string userName)
if (this.IsEnabled()) //helps to avoid processing events that no listeners have been configure for
WriteEvent(100, startMessage, this.MyUtilityMethod(userName));

[Event(500, Message = “Application Ended..”)]
public void ApplicationEnd(string endMessage, int ordersProcessed)
if (this.IsEnabled()) //helps to avoid processing events that no listeners have been configure for
WriteEvent(500, endMessage, ordersProcessed);

//demonstrate method which are not part of EventSource contract
private string MyUtilityMethod(string userName)
return string.Format(“User {0} “, userName);


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