create user to azure ad   services platforms author active-directory dotnet dstrockis Build a multi-tenant SaaS web application using Azure AD & OpenID Connect This sample shows how to build a multi-tenant .Net MVC web application that uses OpenID Connect to sign up and sign in users from any Azure Active Directory tenant, using the ASP.Net OpenID Connect OWIN… Read More create user to azure ad

global nuget directory

create nuget.config file <?xml version=”1.0″ encoding=”utf-8″?> <configuration> <config> <add key=”repositoryPath” value=”C:\Nuget Packages” /> </config> </configuration> copy this file to Solution Directory open notepad++ and find and replace text below find – ..\packages replace with – C:\Nuget Packages filters – *.csproj click find and replace button it will replace references . create folder C:\Nuget Packages Done! Build solution all nuget… Read More global nuget directory

Get version from request header

private string GetVersionFromAcceptHeaderVersion(HttpRequestMessage request) { string temp = Path.Combine(AppDomain.CurrentDomain.BaseDirectory, “Controllers”); if (System.Web.HttpContext.Current.Request.Headers[“X-Api-Version”] != null) { IEnumerable<string> headerValues = request.Headers.GetValues(“X-Api-Version”); if (headerValues != null) { return headerValues.FirstOrDefault(); } return string.Empty; } else { var latestversion = Directory.GetDirectories(temp) .OrderByDescending(dir => dir) .FirstOrDefault(); return latestversion.Substring(latestversion.Length – 1); } }

Dirty read set flag for update record angular js

$scope.Update = function () { var index = 0; var arrPermissions = []; $scope.dataResult.forEach(function (row) { if (row.IsDirty == true) { arrPermissions.push(row); } }); SpinStart(); $“Security/Update”, { ViewModels: arrPermissions }) .success(function (data) { alert(” updated successfully.”); }) .error(function () { SpinStop(); alert(“Not valid.”); }); } // key press event $scope.Changed = function (id) { var… Read More Dirty read set flag for update record angular js

chosen js dropdown last select issue

Error on last item selection When I select last item on second time. It is giving an error “Uncaught TypeError: Cannot set property ‘selected’ of undefined” on every chosen. solution I had the same problem with this behavior. I used the following as workaround: <select chosen data-placeholder=”Placeholder” ng-model=”myValue” ng-options=” for item in itemList” > <option… Read More chosen js dropdown last select issue