Different ways to execute a SQL Server SSIS package

Execute SSIS Package Using SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio (BIDS) During the development phase of the project developers can test the SSIS package execution by running the package from Business Intelligence Development Studio a.k.a. BIDS. 1. In Solution Explorer, right click the SSIS project folder that contains the package which you want to run… Read More Different ways to execute a SQL Server SSIS package

SSIS – Transformations

http://sqlserverpedia.com/wiki/SSIS_-_Transformations   SSIS supports numerous transformations that allow you to combine data originating from multiple sources, cleanse the data and give it the shape your data destination expects. Then you can import the data into a single or multiple destinations. Transformation Description Examples of when Transformation Would be Used Aggregate Calculates aggregations such as SUM,… Read More SSIS – Transformations

Insert FK if not present – SQL

Alter PROCEDURE dbo.EnterLoginData(@Username VARCHAR(50), @Password VARCHAR(50), @ContactNo INT, @StateName VARCHAR(50)) AS BEGIN DECLARE @StateID INT — check if state already exists IF EXISTS(SELECT * FROM dbo.DGState WHERE DG_State = @StateName) — if it exists – retrieve the DG_StateNo SELECT @StateID = DG_StateNo FROM dbo.DGState WHERE DG_State = @StateName ELSE BEGIN — if it doesn’t exists… Read More Insert FK if not present – SQL

Asp.net 2.0 step by step Membership Provider

Asp.net 2.0 step by step Membership Provider   Hi, hereĀ I will configure ASP.net web application to use Membership providers. After reading this article. You will be able to perform following tasks. To speed up the performance of membership provider don’t forget to read post here http://omaralzabir.com/optimize_asp_net_membership_stored_procedures_for_greater_speed_and_scalability/ it will help you to look work on Sql… Read More Asp.net 2.0 step by step Membership Provider